Who we are

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH) brings together leading European and international organisations around joint activities to promote cardiovascular health as a policy priority at EU level.

The Alliance provides a platform to aggregate knowledge and expertise of key stakeholders active in the field of cardiovascular health, and to advise and guide policymakers. The Alliance calls for greater focus on improving cardiovascular health and reducing the burden cardiovascular disease at European level.

The Alliance was officially launched on 27 September 2021 during a high-level policy debate attended by representatives of the European Commission, Member States and the European Parliament. The policy debate discussed policy actions to improve cardiovascular health for citizens across the EU.

The Alliance partners cover all aspects of cardiovascular care: from the patients who suffer from the disease to the clinicians and health professionals who take care of them, from health insurers to research organisations, and industries that develop the medical and technological innovations to improve the management and care of CVD.

Partners are committed to joining forces and sharing expertise to:

  • Raise awareness of the burden of CVD on society.
  • Call for an EU Plan to improve cardiovascular health, prevent first and subsequent heart events and strokes, optimise treatment and quality of life in patients with CVD,
  • Advise policymakers on actions to improve cardiovascular health in Europe, thereby making the population more resilient to future pandemics and other health threats,
  • Mobilise investment for CVD research and promote public-private partnerships in CVD innovation,
  • Ensure swift and equitable access to new medical technologies and medicines that add value for patients and society.