Calling for a comprehensive EU policy response to improve the cardiovascular health of European citizens

Our calls

Cardiovascular disease is a ticking timebomb.

The signatory organisations of the Joint statement ‘The EU must act decisively to improve the cardiovascular health of European citizens’ call on EU policy makers to develop a comprehensive EU policy plan to tackle the increasing burden of CVD. The plan should consider the entire disease pathway and ensure that citizens can live longer, healthier lives – regardless of where they were born or live in the EU – and continue to contribute to society and the economy.

This plan shoud: 

Mobilize CVD research and innovation and promote innovative public-private partnerships by using the various policy and funding instruments as well as the horizontal policy instruments for health and life sciences.

Promote ambitious actions across the whole disease pathway, with a view to primary and secondary prevention, early detection and screening, as well as diagnosis, access to care and optimal treatment, rehabilitation and quality of life after a CVD event.