EACH welcomes the EU Roadmap on NCDs initiative

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health welcomes the ambitious initiative of the European Commission to support Member States in the fight against the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, their causes and consequences, and to address health determinants more generally.

A future EU Action Plan on cardiovascular disease should include ambitious measures for the entire disease pathway (prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, and quality of life) to keep European citizens in good health and optimise their quality of life, as well as reduce the socioeconomic burden of the disease.

EACH remains committed to contributing to the development and implementation of this EU Roadmap for NCDs to strengthen population and health system resilience by improving cardiovascular health, preventing first and subsequent cardiovascular events including heart attack, stroke or peripheral artery occlusion, optimising treatment and supporting a healthier and more productive European society.