Calling for a comprehensive EU policy response to improve the cardiovascular health of European citizens

EACH welcomes the EU Roadmap on non-communicable diseases

EACH Welcomes the EU Healthier Together Roadmap to tackle non-communicable diseases, particularly with regard to promoting cardiovascular health in Europe. Read the EACH contribution to the launch consultation submitted to the European Commission DG Santé in April 2022.

EACH welcomes the EU Roadmap on NCDs initiative

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health welcomes the ambitious initiative of the European Commission to support Member States in the fight against the high prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, their causes and consequences, and to address health determinants more generally.

A future EU Action Plan on cardiovascular disease should include ambitious measures for the entire disease pathway (prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, and quality of life) to keep European citizens in good health and optimise their quality of life, as well as reduce the socioeconomic burden of the disease.

EACH remains committed to contributing to the development and implementation of this EU Roadmap for NCDs to strengthen population and health system resilience by improving cardiovascular health, preventing first and subsequent cardiovascular events including heart attack, stroke or peripheral artery occlusion, optimising treatment and supporting a healthier and more productive European society.

Joint Statement on Cancer CVD Comorbidities endorsed by EACH

Cancer and cardiovascular disease are closely linked. Cardiovascular disease is the most frequent side effect of cancer treatment, due to cardiotoxicity, which refers to the toxic effects of cancer treatment on heart function.

The cardiovascular complications of cancer treatment often limit treatment options for cancer patients, and there is growing concern that they may lead to premature morbidity and death in cancer survivors.

In addition, cancer patients may have cardiovascular risk factors and/or pre-existing cardiovascular disease that are often hidden and exacerbate the toxic effects of cancer treatments. For some cancers, such as breast, uterine, prostate or thyroid, about half of all patients die from cardiovascular disease rather than cancer.

The Europe’s Cancer Beating Plan provides an excellent opportunity for the EU to demonstrate the added value it brings in improving the health of European citizens. However, a holistic approach to cardiovascular cancer comorbidities is of paramount importance if the EU is to achieve the health goals it has set.

The joint statement, adopted and presented by the European Parliament’s (MEP) Heart Group and the Challenge Cancer Intergroup and endorsed by EACH, makes recommendations on how to make full use of financial and policy instruments to ensure that European Union citizens live longer and in good health.

EACH welcomes the EU Commission EU4Health programme

The European Cardiovascular Health Alliance, which brings together the leading health organisations with an interest to promote policy action and investment to improve the cardiovascular health of European citizens, strongly welcomes the EU Commission’s EU4Health programme.

EACH submitted to the Commission a proposal for a Joint Action on secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease to be serve as inspiration in developing the EU4Health 2022 work programme. Secondary prevention helps to detect cardiovascular disease at an early stage, for example through targeted screening in risk groups. By diagnosing at an early stage and ensuring appropriate referral and treatment, further development of the disease can be halted, helping to reduce morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease. The EU4Health Joint Action will support Member States and the EU to raise awareness of the disease, improve data collection, share best practices and identify measures to promote secondary prevention.

Read EACH Proposal EU4Health