The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health stands in solidarity with Ukraine and calls for continuity of care and protection of the most vulnerable.

The European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health adds its voice to that of its partners in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We are deeply saddened by the invasion of Ukraine and call to the parties involved in the war for an immediate cessation of all hostilities and a peaceful resolution.

We are extremely concerned about the violence against health facilities and the disruption of access to vital care and life-saving medications. In this tragic and worrying context, we urge the protection of vital infrastructure, the support of health facilities with medicines and equipment, the protection of medical staff, and the support of civilians with vital needs in Ukraine as well as refugees fleeing the war.

The EACH calls for ensuring that humanitarian and medical aid can reach those who need it, regardless of their allegiance.

EACH is pleased to see that its partners are already providing aid and support through humanitarian organisations and National Civil Protection Authorities and directly to (cardiovascular) medical societies and patient organisations. We encourage further support for relief organisations and call on the international community at large to protect the most vulnerable and do whatever they can to avoid escalation of this tragic war.